Labradoodle Guardian Family Program

Guardian Program

Thank you for your interest in our guardian program.

The Guardian Family Program is a cooperative program in which all parties share a vested interest. The goals are ultimately to give the Dog a safe, loving and rewarding home life while bringing Joy and love to the Guardian Family and Benefiting the Breeder by expanding their program. The Dog will get lots of individual attention, proper training and care.

Lord and Lady Labradoodles at times offers our Guardian Program which can benefit someone who does not want to take on the full cost of purchasing a Labradoodle.

If chosen as a Guardian Family, Lord and Lady will place a pick of the litter puppy at approximately 8 weeks old in your home and the new puppy becomes the families forever furry friend. The program requires a non-refundable discounted fee of $1,575+ for a puppy.

You will be responsible for the cost of care and normal veterinary visits.
Upon the completion and passing of requirements of the breeder, the Dog will become a part of the breeding program for Lord and Lady Labradoodles. For a female, this would last until the Dog is approximately 3 to 4 1/2 years old. She will be brought to our home during her heat cycle for select honeymoon breeding and then returned to you. She will remain with you throughout the preganancy until approximately 1 week before delivery. At that time, she would be brought to our home and stay for approximately 8 weeks or until she has delivered and whelped her puppies. We welcome your visits during that time. Around 8 weeks she would be go back to your home until the next breeding term.

At the end of the breeding years, Lord and Lady Labradoodles will pay to have her spayed and the full ownership will be transferred to you.

If you would be interested in being placed on a possible future Australian Labradoodle Guardian Family Program, please contact us to discuss requirements.

Guardian Program

Thank you for your interest to our program and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Guardian Program Australian Labradoodle


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